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**Indicates has been reissued, usually with new cover

Series books are grouped together below:


Regency Titles

  • Scandal in Venice (2001)** (In Scandalous Brides and as individual reissue)
    The Spanish Bride
    (2001)** (In Scandalous Brides and as individual reissue)
    Lady Rogue (2002)** (In Rogue Grooms and as individual reissue)
    Star of India (2004)** (In Rogue Grooms)

  • The Errant Earl (2002—RITA nominee)**

  • The Golden Feather (2002)** (In Improper Ladies)
    One Touch of Magic (2003)** (In Spirited Brides)

  • A Loving Spirit (2003)** (In Spirited Brides)

  • Lady in Disguise (2003)

  • Rules of Love (2004—RITA nominee)** (In Improper Ladies and as individual reissue)

  • A Tangled Web (2006)


  • The Shy Duchess (March 2011 - part of the Diamonds of Welborne Manor series)

  • To Catch A Rogue (April 2010)
    To Deceive A Duke
    (May 2010)
    To Kiss A Count
    (June 2010)

  • Her Kind of Man (2000—reissued by Belgrave House)

  • Lady Midnight (2005)

  • A Notorious Woman (2007)
    A Sinful Alliance (2008)
    High Seas Stowaway (2009)

  • The Winter Queen (2009)
    Tarnished Rose of the Court (2012 - sequel)

  • To Court, Capture and Conquer (2010)
    The Taming of the Rogue (2012)

Short Stories and Novellas

  • "The Girl in the Beaded Mask (2010)

  • "One Wicked Christmas" (2010)

  • "To Bed A Libertine" (2010 - connect to the Muses of Mayfair)

  • "A Partridge in a Pear Tree," in A Regency Christmas (2002)

  • "Upon a Midnight Clear," in Regency Christmas Magic and A Homespun Regency Christmas (2004—connected to A Loving Spirit); Re-released 2018 as standalone novella.

  • "Charlotte and the Wicked Lord," in Diamonds of Welbourne Manor (2009) - RITA Nominee

  • "Shipwrecked and Seduced," Harlequin Undone (2008—connected to High Seas Stowaway)

  • "The Maid’s Lover," Harlequin Undone (2009—connected to The Winter Queen)



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