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Signet/NAL (October 2004)


Lady Emily Kenton has a parade of suitors, yet nothing excites her--or worries he—-more than the unexpected return of her best friend from childhood to English society. David left for India when she was eight, after his father presented her family with the precious Star of India for safekeeping. Now Emily has a terrible secret about the jewel--one that's certain to drive David away forever...

Duty has called David Huntington, Earl of Darlinghurst, to his English estate, and now he must fulfill the promise he made to his grandmother to retrieve the Star. This task leads him to Emily, whom he's never forgotten—and whose delicate beauty makes his heart ache with love. David will do anything to uncover the secret she's keeping—and to prove that she's worth more to him than any jewel...






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Rebellious and Perilous




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