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April 2016 Reissue


Everyone that Katerina held dear has perished in a tempest off the coast of Italy. With not a penny to her name, the once-moneyed Venetian lady knows she must travel far to forge a new life. No one would ever accept her if they learned that her mother was Lucrezia Bruni, the infamous courtesan breeding young Katerina to fill her shoes someday...

A governess in hiding

Still mourning his late wife, Michael Lindley knows life must go on-and that his little sister and daughter need a woman's nurturing. When a dark-eyed beauty alights on his doorstep, claiming to be widowed governess, Michael feels a fire rekindle in him that he thought had been snuffed out long ago. And in Katerina, who thought her capacity to love had gone down with the ship, there flares a yearning that only Lindley can subdue.


A woman in danger-and in love...



But just as they give in to the desire that knows no words, a stealthy enemy plots his revenge-and their newborn passion must undergo the ultimate test...





Re-Released Martini Club

Rebellious and Perilous




Eliza Casey: Lady Takes The Case


Casey Home


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