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Signet (September 2003)


Lady Emma Weston has not been to England since she was 6, but now the Tsar's visit to her birthplace offers her a chance to go home again. As members of this delegation, Emma's aunt and uncle are very conscious of the need for decorum with their young charge, but Emma yearns for freedom. She impulsively decides to masquerade as a servant to see the fireworks exhibit and is rescued from a scoundrel by "Jack", who recognizes the lovely Lady Emma. Jack, the Viscount St. Albans, is one of England's finest intelligence officers, and it occurs to him that Lady Emma may, in fact, be a spy and not the delightful innocent she appears. He vows to discover the truth about the LADY IN DISGUISE, and discovers along the way that he loves her dearly. (from Romantic Times)

"Fun, engaging, and utterly romantic! Top-notch talent you don't want to miss." - Gail Eastwood, author of The Rake's Mistake



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